Featured Events: Friday Rundown!

What's happening at GVF on Friday, May 15th

Events at the Milner Library, Metro Cinema, and the RAM!

As we head into the weekend, the action ramps back up at GVF! We’ve got panels, special events and film screenings all weekend long. Here’s what’s coming up on Friday, May 15th:


activismposter1 p.m. – Milner Library Program Room – FREE!
Panel: Beyond the Docs: Activism & Getting Involved
Documentary films confront powerful social issues, but what do you do when the screening is over? We’ll discuss the many ways to get active and participate in social change, regardless of your level of experience. Join us in the Program Room at the Milner Library; admisson is free!



instagram6 p.m. – Metro Cinema at the Garneau – $15 in advance, $20 at the door
Culture Collective
The Culture Collective is an Edmonton based, not-for-profit, arts accelerator. We curate and showcase local talent, to promote the vibrancy and vitality of this city. Global Visions has curated eight specially-selected short films to screen during this event. In addition to the films, we’ll be showcasing the music of Audrey Ochoa, DJ Polyesterday, the spoken word of Ziggurat Complexities and the comedy of Charles Haycock!


vice-electric-boogaloo10 p.m. Metro Cinema at the Garneau – Double Bill (with Saturday screening of That Guy Dick Miller) for $15
Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films
The first half of our Dedfest double bill! This documentary features Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus – two movie-obsessed cousins whose passion for cinema changed the way movies were made and marketed – and the tale of how this passion ultimately led to the demise of the company they built together.


7 & 9 p.m. – Royal Alberta Museum – Special Amnesty Night $15 Double bill!

secret-trial-57 p.m.: The Secret Trial 5
Especially timely given the current public outcry over Bill C-51, the Harper government’s anti-terrorism bill, THE SECRET TRIAL 5 reveals a shocking side to Canadian security: that government agencies already have the power to detain immigrants, in secret, indefinitely. This expose tells the story of five men being held under Canadian Security Certificates; immigration tools that allow the government to detain (or deport) non-citizens living in Canada, without charges, and without the right to see the evidence presented against them.
minershotdown9 p.m. Miners Shot Down
In 2012, South Africa witnessed its first post-apartheid massacre. Six days into a wildcat strike to improve their wages at one of the country’s largest platinum mines, 34 miners are shot dead by police, who claim they were acting in self-defense – but were they? MINERS SHOT DOWN is a shocking, devastating film that you will stay with you long after the screening.

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