Mid-Week Gala: Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey

"I tell people, Steve Bell is criminally unknown in the United States."

Wednesday, May 13 @ 7 p.m. at Metro Cinema at the Garneau

Mid-week Gala! Steve Bell will be in attendance for this screening.

Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey examines the career of Juno-award winning spiritual singer/songwriter Steve Bell, a beloved artist long-lamented to have the crossover potential of Amy Grant or Michael E. Smith.

Why do some artists “break through”, while other don’t? That’s the question at the heart of BURNING EMBER – how Steve Bell, an accomplished artist with a storied 25-year career still hasn’t achieved the level of success in the US that pretty much everyone agrees he should have. At age 54, can Steve Bell still achieve “success” – and with it, a level of financial security – that will allow him to continue his work? A fascinating tale for artists and music-lovers alike.

We’ll also have merchandise available for sale, including DVDs of the film!

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