Global Shorts 2

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May 17, 2015

3:30 pm

Metro Cinema (Garneau Theatre)

THE WOLVERINE: The Fight of the James Bay Cree | D: Ernest Webb | 9 MIN

An ancient legend becomes an allegory for the Cree Nation’s fight against uranium mining in James Bay, Quebec, Canada.

BROKEN LANDSCAPE | D: Michael T. Miller | 13 MIN

An explosion in unregulated ‘rat-hole’ coal mines turns a rural Indian community into the Wild West, until environmental destruction prompts the government to ban coal mining completely. Mine owners and villagers clash in this moving examination of the cost of unmonitored industrial development

OMID  | D: Jawad Wahabzada | 9 MIN

The story of a young boy washing cars next to the US Embassy in Kabul, reflecting on the US military withdrawal.

DINNER FOR FEW | D: Nassos Vakalis | 10 MIN

An allegorical depiction of our society. During dinner, “the system” works like a well-oiled machine. It solely feeds the select few who eventually, foolishly consume all the resources while the rest survive on scraps from the table.

MY FAVOURITE THINGS | D: Chris Phillips | 5 MIN

An enchanting story about poverty, play and the rights of children starring 5-year-old Hennock from Addis Ababa,

FISTS OF FURY  | D: Reed Lindsay | 11 MIN

Fifteen-year-old Chaitali Kapat’s dream to become a professional boxer is a long shot at best, but she brushes off criticism and channels her anger into her punches. An avenging angel, Chaitali is on a mission to fill the void left by her father’s death, to prove her worth, and to save her family.

Running time: 57 Minutes

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