Lost and Found

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May 10, 2015

4:45 pm

Metro Cinema (Garneau Theatre)


Right now an epic endeavor is underway involving 2 continents, 3 countries and the largest body of water on earth. Join us as we go on a journey to discover the stories of those whose lives were stolen by the sea.

25 million tonnes of wreckage from Japan’s devastating tsunami was washed into the Pacific Ocean and some of that is now destined to wash up on North America’s shores. The debris – fragments of coastal towns, fishing communities and rural villages – is evidence of the 15,000 lives lost to the waves.

Across North America & Japan government officials, scientists and beachcombers alike are coming together to track & collect all that was lost. What is their mandate? To gather these items that have traveled across the world and as they wash up on North America’s shores to return them their rightful owners in Japan.

Country: Canada

Production year: 2015

Running time: 83

Director: John Choi & Nicolina Lanni

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